An advertising/communication event based on a game, contest, collecting votes, organising a meeting

or another activity engaging and entertaining an audience in order to get them to execute a certain action.

Promotion gets people to:

visit a store or location

become a member of a community

participate at an event

fall in love with your brand

contribute and do the right thing

become a loyal customer

visit an online project

become a loyal customer

bring friends

talk about you

download an app

follow you on social media



We offer experience. 

We are aware, that 10 notebooks work better as an incentive than one car. 

That people love to share – and that a dinner for 4 is more than two dinners for 2. 

We know, that if it’s not possible to describe the promotion mechanism in three sentences, it doesn’t work. 

We know how important entertaining bystanders is.

No limits; when media offer promotions they are restricted to the use of their medium. Punkers use whichever channel works best for given promotion.

We are good at combining media; research shows that marrying radio and online results into a perfect match (for instance). So by the power vested in us by the god of engaged audiences, we now pronounce you …

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