Proper and consistent communication is 

important. We believe in punk .


Holistic communication agency for independent companies and startups.

We bring our experience to the brave and innovation driven companies to help them to change the world.

They know what, we know how – in the new communication and the digital space.

Communication in today’s fragmented and at the same time complex digital ecosystem must be experimental, scalable and extremely flexible.

It is a set of attempts and learnings, developing solutions and finding ways, focused on what works best. It’s an adventurous journey for a brand. 

OUR products

Business Up!

A special project for the startups and scale-ups, offering a sales&marketing strategy and communication plan created by experienced top managers in cooperation with innovators. We mix use of experience with knowledge of the product to enhance idea making process for sales and marketing strategies and the communication plan and ideas.


Product for companies understanding the need to disrupt current market situation, meant for brands who need to communicate for fast results.

Holistic agency contract

A longterm cooperation for the brave clients, who need innovative  strategy, solutions, truly new ideas in a new postpandemic world. We take care of the clients needs, we bring the solutions. We develop ideas in a close cooperation with the client, we apply all the new experiences and learnings. Dynamic, fast reacting and bold communication with the goal to connect the clients and their values with customers and communities.


Eva Babitzová has managed a cinema complex Charlie Centrum, led marketing in Daily SME. She was the CEO of Rádio Expres, who had it in her and proceeded to hang a car on a crane destined for people to decide whether to drop it let someone win it, and made 20 Sk banknotes disappear from the market as people hoarded them in anticipation of a win. She knows how to create effective and when needed bold communication and possess extraordinary creative talents. She was nominated for Manager of the Year by TREND (2008) and recognised among Top 10 women in Slovak business in HN Club (2011).

Miroslava Klimantová has managed successfully Unilever Slovakia for years, later she became general manager of Upfield Czech and Slovak Republic. She has launched her own project Foodcycler with a great success.  Using her experiences from corporate jobs and own business she created, and applying comprehensive business and sales strategies, she has already dipped her feet in the business of helping other businesses when she founded the program Strategic atelier for small entrepreneurs, transforming their businesses.



Sales and marketing strategy

50+ brands in our care – Daily SME, Rádio Expres, many of its clients and all of the Unilever brands  such as Dove, Rexona, Magnum, Domestos, Savo and many more.

Management skills

More than 38 years of experience together.

Why Promo Punkers?

Communication in the new postpandemic world is what you do, not what tell about yourself. Consumers want values, not image anymore. You don’t want campaigns. You need connections. We have knowledge, experience and ideas.

Challenges in postpandemic 

communication space

Ever-changing environment 

Complexity of media ecosystem

Purpose matters 

Past data becoming irrelevant

New communication strategies

Multiple solutions  – test and learn method

Immediate application of learnings

Scalable communication

Fast reactions